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Tree Services in London, Kent, Greenwich, Bexley, Lewisham & Bromley

In a perfect world, we would all have acres of land and trees would grow with little or no human intervention. This not being the case, we specialise in maintaining trees in the city environment. In an urban setting, trees outgrow their environment meaning they need to be reduced or removed. Poor or no maintenance also leads to trees needing attention.


We carry out professional tree services in London, Bromley, Kent and the surrounding counties. Below is a brief description of some of the tree services we provide.


In an ideal world trees would never be removed. In cities and towns however it is often unsafe to allow trees to decay naturally. Doing so would be hazardous both to persons and property. If your tree is dead,dying,dangerous or has outgrown its environment- then removal may be the best and only option. We specailise in removal of large trees in the urban environment. 


Crown thinning is the pruning technique of removing selected branches. We do this to enhance light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree. While the overall natural shape of the trees canopy will not be altered, the tree's density will be decreased-often measured by a percentage i.e 25% Crown thin. Another benefit of this is that potentially dead, and dying branches will be removed at the same time.This eliminates the potential future danger of falling debris. Thinning the crown of a tree, or decreasing its density allows the wind to travel through the tree, therefore reducing windthrow. This limits the risk of tree failure, as less tension, compression and stress is put on the trees root system. 


Pruning the branches in the crown or canopy (the whole outside circumference) of the tree. This process is carried out in order to shrink the overall size of the tree. Other benefits of reducing the crown of the tree are that deadwood is also removed. Crossing and touching branches are also removed, preventing pests and harmful bacterias entering damaged bark and cambium layers.

Reducing the crown of the tree also limits root growth, which is recommended if you have a tree near a property. Crown reducing also allows more light to pass through the tree, allowing grass and other vegetation under the tree to benefit. 


If you live in a conservation area or your tree is subject to a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) then you will need permission from the Local Authority. This involves completing an application form and logging it with your local Council's planning department. Permission takes 6 weeks to come back.

We can complete any necessary paperwork on your behalf if you agree to us carrying out your Tree Services.


Like all vegetation, trees are subject to the elements, mechanical damage, pests, diseases and inherent weakness. This all amounts to trees producing deadwood.


Sometimes trees don't need to be reduced or thinned. But, if dead wood is left in the trees canopy this can lead to unanticipated branch failure posing danger to persons or property. Some diseases attack only dead wood in some species of tree, which can lead to secondary infections, therefore, limiting the trees life expectancy. Prevention of this is far better than the cure, which sometimes leaves you with no alternative but to remove the tree.


We offer tree and shrub planting advice, sourcing and planting. Please get in touch to discuss.


We offer 24 Hour Emergency Tree Services in London, Kent and Bromley.

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